Thursday, October 7, 2010

Warm Up Event #1 - 10 and a 1/2 Stories

This year we decided to have a couple of co-presentations with some great producers.  Our first pre-event as we warm up for the big weekend is an exciting event organized and conceived by Tasleem Thawar.  With the popularity of true stories these days, I look forward to 10 and a 1/2 stories which brings together audience members to share true stories based on a theme.  

It will take place in the lovely Terrazza restaurtant, which also happens to be our destination for the Thursday and Friday night after parties!  Run by the brilliant Frankie Lasagna and his mom Cathy, it's a warm and wonderful environment that will be the perfect venue for this inaugural event.  

FOOL – festival of oral literatures and 10 and a ½ Stories presents a FOOL warm-up event:
10 and a ½ Stories
No notes. No acting. Just stories. 
Wednesday October 13 @ 8pm
Terrazza – 372 Harbord St.  
(Just east of Ossington)

10 and a ½ Stories is brought to you by Tasleem Thawar, …..
Everyone has a story... or two… or three. We want to hear them. Join us for a night of ten 5-minute stories on a common theme told by volunteer audience members drawn at random from a hat.  The eleventh story will be left unfinished – its ending will begin our next storytelling night.   
The theme of our inaugural night: “Choices

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